Catenary line AT/CH/SI Division


Safe mobility with maximum flexibility
EUROPTEN sees mobility as an essential core issue for our future.

As one of the quality leaders in contact line construction, we make a significant contribution to the success of the energy transition through the continuous construction, modernization and maintenance of contact line systems for passenger and freight transport. In this way, we make a significant contribution to the sustainability of the eco-balance.

Our digital project support and project-related installation technology, coupled with our solution-oriented employees, ensure that our projects are completed professionally and on time.

Catenary Line Division Germany

Catenary line construction at the highest level for more than 30 years.

As a professional partner, our business division builds catenary line systems of the highest quality for the German market, from planning to installation. In this way, we are making a significant contribution to the implementation of the transformation of transport in Germany.

Our professional project implementation, state-of-the-art large-scale equipment technology and our highly trained and motivated employees set us apart from the competition. We have been reliably and competently serving our most important customer, Deutsche Bahn, for more than 30 years.

We are committed to professionalism, flexibility, adherence to deadlines and handshake quality.

Overhead Power Line Division Austria


Our services today for the supply security of tomorrow.

EUROPTEN is a specialist in the field of overhead power line and special cable construction in Austria and neighbouring countries thanks to its more than 100 years ofexperience and its highly trained and motivated employees.

Overhead power line construction is playing an even more important role in the transmission of electrical energy. Our modern installation methods ensure reliable handling as a single-source supplier, even in remote areas.

Our long-standing track record in customer satisfaction, adherence to deadlines, and flexibility in challenging projects set us apart from the competition.

Overhead Power Line Division Germany

Motivation and performance for outstanding quality.

EUROPTEN implements high-voltage projects across the country while preserving nature and observing environmental regulations.

Our work plays an important role in the integration of renewable energies into the power grid. Our employees implement the projects with the highest possible efficiency and motivation, thus ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.

We meet challenges with know-how, experience, and creative solution concepts. We thus always bring our projects to a successful conclusion. 

Research & Development

As an innovative force in the industry, research & development is essential to generate added value for our customers.

Experience from many decades

Over the past decades EUROPTEN has developed many indispensable products, installation aids, installation equipment and software solutions for construction sites and project management. Our experienced and prudent employees always provide the impetus for new developments, such as special catenary bracing systems, pile-driven foundations and poles for overhead line or signal systems, measurement and evaluation methods for overhead line positions, a modified device (pole tree) for the erection of overhead line poles, assembly equipment, as well as integrated software developments.

Many of these EUROPTEN developments are also used by customers in third markets.  Through the optimized equipment and software designed by us, we ensure a high safety standard, as well as the best possible success in the planned time. We are particularly proud of the fact that many of these developments have also led to the granting of patents.

Thanks to the optimal equipment and software we have developed, we ensure the best possible success in the planned time.

Installation equipment

The use of specially developed installation equipment, such as cable winches, complex catenary hoists, motor rail cars or pile-driving technology, enables projects to be completed faster, more efficiently and, above all, more safely. Some of our initial development concepts have been adopted and continued by well-known manufacturers on the market.

Assembly tools

Hanger Beam

EUROPTEN has significantly improved the "classic" method for erecting overhead line poles by means of a pole tree with an in-house development.

Due to the new type of pole guidance by means of a frame construction enclosing the pole, the working safety and efficiency in use can be considerably increased.

Protective bridge

With the protective bridge, a kind of "transfer rail" was developed for the rope installation of high-voltage lines up to 380kV for objects to be crossed. This means that, given suitable conditions, otherwise complicated, elaborate and very expensive scaffolding structures can be avoided.


Especially in the planning and execution of overhead contact line projects, the self-developed, integrated software tool EuropCAT is a unique selling point of EUROPTEN. This and the software solutions based on it with the same database cover the complete project cycle technically and economically - starting from planning to project planning, project handling to the final revision.This also includes 3D evaluations to improve planning reliability, as well as to support 3D project visualizations (e.g. for public relations work of the project operator)


Mobile overhead contact line measuring system (Molma)

This measuring system is used for a punctual measurement of the contact wire height and lateral position on the one hand to ensure the installation accuracy in the course of the installation and on the other hand for inspections or stocktaking.

Mobile overhead contact line measuring system for continuous measurement (MolmaK)

The MolmaK is used for continuous documentation of contact wire height and lateral position. It has become an indispensable instrument during acceptance tests. It is also used for as-built recordings, which serve as a basis for evaluations, conversions or new planning. This measurement and evaluation system has been approved by Deutsche Bahn (DB) and the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). Further information is summarized at

Driven foundations and piles

The Austro-Pfahl system was specially developed for catenary foundations at ÖBB and has been successfully used as a standard design for more than 30 years.For the efficient erection of overhead contact line systems, a new foundation system was developed with concrete piles and steel set-down masts that minimizes manufacturing times and saves resources.


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