The potential, motivation, and skills of our employees are the cornerstones of our success. That is why we support our employees both in their professional and personal development.

Teamwork and reliability ensure the basis of our success. Together, we are shaping the future of EUROPTEN and act in a sustainable manner to ensure the long-term success of our company.

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Our employees introduce EUROPTEN.

To work at EUROPTEN means to think and act in an innovative and solution-oriented way every day. Employees can actively shape their career path. Both career changers and experts in overhead power line and catenary line construction are offered entry-level opportunities. We are operating in a growing market environment. The company is growing continuously and new employees are always welcome.

Our daily collaboration is based on respect, tolerance, and acceptance. At EUROPTEN, the focus is clearly on our employees, and they are supported, valued and appreciated.



Catenary construction


Overhead Power Lines


EUROPTEN – achieving our goals together with a focus on strengths and commitment.

The EUROPTEN team focuses on commitment, mutual appreciation and team spirit.

A key factor in our cooperation is that EUROPTEN employees have the opportunity to contribute their individual strengths at work and to participate in designing their career paths accordingly.

We value people who show commitment and who want to make an important contribution to EUROPTEN's success with their work.

Do you want to contribute your strengths to EUROPTEN and become part of our team?

Your application is the first step towards joint success.

Education & Training

Training and further education of our employees are essential factors for EUROPTEN's success. EUROPTEN has set an important milestone in employee training and education with its in-house training centres in Austria and Germany.

Both industry-specific and technical as well as economic training measures are integrated into the everyday working lives of our employees. Training facilities in Austria and in Germany provide a comprehensive knowledge base that is essential for our daily work.

We use our training centres intensively to educate and train our employees, develop new technologies and train complex and difficult workflows for particularly challenging projects. This allows us to design our work to be even more efficient and safe.

The high motivation and extensive know-how of our employees are proof that EUROPTEN is also a pioneer in training and further education.

Our Culture

Customer orientation

Customer benefit is the focal point of all our thoughts and actions. 

  • As a partner, we look ahead together with the customer and also offer solutions for the service portfolio of the future.
  • We secure our market position through committed employees, high performance and outstanding service quality.


We reliably deliver top quality built on professional competence, innovation and experience.

  • We work on the principle of "first time right".
  • Thanks to the highest quality standards and constant expansion of our know-how, we offer technologically mature and cost-effective solutions. 
  • We learn from mistakes and continuously work on improvements in the spirit of a positive error culture.
  • Quality starts with the work performed by each employee.


We are always aware of the dangers present in our working environment and comply with all safety standards at all times. 
"So that we can go home healthy every day." 

  • We ensure a healthy working environment and consider this a basis for motivation and performance.
  • We inform ourselves about the respectively valid safety regulations and follow them without exception.
  • We invest in training, technology and equipment to ensure a safe working environment.

Future orientation

We always think and act in a future-oriented, cost-effective and sustainable way, in order to secure the long-term success of our company." 

  • We are aware of our responsibility towards employees, customers and society and act in the interest of sustainability. This means we are mindful of our use of resources and of our environment. 
  • We contribute to the health of our employees by carefully designing our work environment.
  • We are continuously working on improving our competitiveness.
  • We are constantly investing in research and development and we focus on innovations.


Our corporate culture is characterised by reliability, respect, and team spirit. 

  • We create trustworthiness across hierarchies through consistent behaviour and fairness in our collaboration.
  • We work in an independently responsible manner within our scope of action and contribute our share to the result.
  • We have confidence in ourselves and others. 
  • We understand communication and information as a "two-way street".
  • We value and live openness, honesty, as well as regular and constructive feedback.
  • We stand up for each other and we support each other.


The employees are the foundation of EUROPTEN and take centre stage with us. 

  • We treat each other with appreciation and respect.
  • We promote and challenge our employees in their areas of competence.
  • Executives and employees at all levels are committed to training, further development and the exchange of experience.
  • We identify ourselves with EUROPTEN.