Koralm Tunnel

The subject of the project is the electrification of the Koralm tunnel system as well as the construction of the overhead line system of the feeder lines on both the Styrian and the Carinthian side. In order to realize the equipment of the tunnel system within a challenging time frame, a joint venture between Europten and Rhomberg Fahrleitungsbau was founded for this project. The total length of the double-track Koralm Tunnel is approx. 33 kilometers. The overhead contact line system in the tunnel will be equipped with an overhead conductor rail system. The length of the overhead conductor rail system to be completed in the tunnel is approx. 66 kilometers. The feeder section is about 4 kilometers long and will be equipped with overhead contact line type 2.1. The demanding project will start in February 2024 and is scheduled for completion in December 2024.

Project key figures

Project Area

Catenary Systems AT/CH/SI

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ÖBB Infrastruktur AG


4 km catenary type 2.1
66 km overhead conductor rail
9,200 pcs of supporting structures
136 km lines


Gerald Ulrich

Techn. Business Unit Manager, Catenary Systems Austria