Electrification Eifel lines - Voreifelbahn 2645 (Lot 8)

The electrification of line 2645 is part of the overall concept "Electrification Eifel Lines".  After the flood in July 2021, it was decided that these should be electrified as a whole in the course of reconstruction and the associated legal easements.
For the electrification of the Voreifelbahn, the approx. 33 route kilometers were divided into 3 lots (lots 6, 7 and 8).  Lot 8 is the largest section with 14 km.
The reconstruction of the necessary railroad structures (ballast bed, tracks, etc.) for railroad operation already took place in 2022.
The main construction work for the overhead line will take place to a large extent during night and weekend closures in 2025 before the line is scheduled to go into operation in December 2026.
Part of the current tender is the preparation of the design and implementation planning, as well as the construction of the entire overhead line system up to commissioning.

Project key figures

Project Area

Catenary Systems Germany

Project Start


Project End



DB Netz AG


Design and implementation planning
38 In-situ concrete foundations
212 driven pile foundations
107 Drill pipe foundations
145 steel pylons
188 concrete poles
30 multi-track cantilevers
28 km Re200
7 mast switches
8,6 km railroad power line
16.8 km return conductor
1,5 km OSE cable


Hermann Wogowitsch

Techn. Managing Director